A return

I took some time off this summer.  It’s been a very busy few months, and although it’s been wonderful in some respects, it’s not really been so great in others.  On top of it all, somewhere in the midst of the summer I also started another blog – I’m still not entirely sure why – but I never really did much new with it, and I’m back here now, hoping to use this space as both inspiration and record keeping for how I’m working to live a more sustainable life.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost some posts somewhere along the way.  In the interest of virtual housekeeping I tried moving some things around today.  It’s possible that poked into things I shouldn’t have, and it seems that some things may have gone poof.  If I can find the originals, I’ll try to repost here.

If not, I actually kind of welcome the change.  I’d like to rethink what I’d like this virtual place to be, and what kind of things I want to focus on.  It strikes me that I’ve written a lot on things like preparedness, frugality, and sustainability.  All of this is still important to me.  In fact, these things are central to how I live me life.  But I think the ways I’ve focused on them leaves something to be desired.

I do feel that hard times are coming (if they’re not already here, and it certainly seems as if they are).  I still believe that we need to find different ways to live.  But as necessary as these changes are, I think there’s a lot of good in this new kind of living too – good family, good friends, good community, good work, good food, and good fun.  I’d like to remember that more as I go forward, and highlight more of the enjoyment and pleasure.  (Heck, there are a lot of times that I’d do well to remember it more myself).

So with that goal in mind, I’m starting over.  Here goes nothing…


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