Days off

This past month has seen virtually no days off for me.  I managed one, I think, but even that may have had some emails scattered through it.  I’ve been trying to take a bit more time off – after last weekend’s cleaning-on-my-day-off induced meltdown, it’s pretty clear that I need this.  This is especially true since next week is going to be a crazy one for me – in addition to my regular teaching, I have two sets of grading coming in, student reference letters to write, a whole other set of jobs to apply for, and two journal introductions to write.  My finely attuned radar tells me this might not be so fun.

Recently I’ve been swearing left, right, and centre that I was going to start taking a two day weekend every week.  With so much to do, though, I’d considered taking yesterday or today as a partial work day.  But…I’ve decided against it.  If I’m going to have a crazy week whether I take time off or not, I should probably take the two days, rest and recuperate, and then hit the ground running.  If I don’t do this, I expect my week will be largely shot before it’s even started.

I haven’t made a plan – seems a bit too rigid for an off day – but there are some things I’d really like to do. Yesterday, I slept in, went for a bike ride, visited the thrift store, went for a long walk with J., watched a TV show or two, and settled in on the couch to read The Yiddish Policemen’s Union and The Bloody Chamber, both of which I’m really enjoying. Today, I’ve been to the bookstore and spent some time reading.  For the rest of the day I have my sights sets on yet more reading, listening to the new Mumford and Sons album, making Thai shrimp curry for dinner, and watching a movie with J.  Maybe, if there’s time, I’ll get around to making red pepper jelly.

I’m still a bit anxious knowing the amount of work I have barreling towards me, but it feels wonderful to have a bit of time to sit, breathe, and take it easy for a little bit.  It’s also good to know that I’ll face the week more well-rested and in a better head space than I have been, which will hopefully make everything go a bit smoother all round.  I value work, and I enjoy feeling productive and like things are being accomplished, but I need to remember that there’s no substitute for time off to rest and recoup a bit before getting back to it once again.

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