Giving thanks

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada today, and worth thinking through the many, many things for which I can give thanks. We’re now at the end of the harvest, a time when people would typically we take stock of the year, give thanks, and prepare for the winter.  More and more I find myself appreciating taking the time to reflect on life – where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to – and giving thanks is becoming an important part of that.

This isn’t just a Thanksgiving thing, of course, but this is certainly a nice time to stop and be reminded again of the important of gratitude.  Admittedly, I’m still pulling myself out of whatever rut I’ve got myself stuck in this year.  But the truth is, I’m lucky.  Hugely, incredibly, awesomely lucky, and I’d do well to remember that more often than I do.  Here’s why.

I have a wonderful, caring, and understanding husband who makes me laugh every single day.

I have a great, supportive family that just wants the best for me.

I have wonderful friends who make me laugh and help pick me up when I’m down.

I’m apparently quite healthy.

I have money in my pocket, and a reasonably steady job.

I have kind and helpful colleagues who are always happy to give advice and assistance.

I have food in the fridge (and in the cupboards, closets, and pantry).

I have a fine place to live with plenty of the extras that make life pleasant – tea, books, musical instruments, comfy furniture, cosy clothing, and warm blankets, just to name a few.

This, plain and simple, is a good life.  I hope I give back half as much as I receive, and that somehow, some way, I’m making some kind of difference for the better in my little corner of the world.  And I also hope that you have at least as much, if not more, to be thankful for in your lives as well.


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