No spend month – update

This week, I was busy and used the car for primarily what I intended it for.  I did, however, spend quite a bit of money on stocking up, although this is on things that will last us for awhile and be used over the next four months, and possibly more.  My main expenses were focused on stocking up, especially on food.  From the grocery store, we got some canned foods that are difficult to carry home while walking.  From the far-away big box store, we got a whole lot of shampoo, gatorade (a fairly necessary thing for J.), and toilet paper.  From the farmer’s market, I picked up more squash, two kinds of cabbage, onions, and sweet potatoes.  I also drove the local mill (which delights me every time) and picked up 10 kilos of their flour and a flat of eggs.

Admittedly, the thrill and convenience of being able to drive to places and bring lots of stuff home with me still hasn’t worn off, and because the car is going back today, it’s prompted me to go out far more than I usually would in order to make sure that I’ve done almost everything that I want to do while I have it.  On top of that, I’ve also been going to the thrift stores a lot.  I love thrift store shopping, but I’ve been looking for a gift for my mom, who collects one particular type of dish.  When I have the car, I usually head out in search of her Christmas gift, and then often find stuff for me, too.

Happily, there wasn’t actually a lot of spending this past week, although there was certainly some. We eliminated the eating out.  I did spend $20 on a donation to a local charity which gained me entrance to an interactive showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (which was completely fantastic).  I also spent $4 on two books that I’ve really been wanting to read and have never seen at the thrift store before.

  • Big box shopping: $102
  • Farmer’s market: $22
  • Flour and eggs: $22
  • Rocky Horror: $20
  • Book – Eating Animals: $2
  • Book – How to Read a Book: $2
  • Total: $170

On the up side, $146 of that was spending that I had pretty much planned for.  It’s things that we need and will use, and that we’d wind up buying anyway.  With the car, it’s just easier to get them home and to shop at places where there’s a sale or things are a bit less expensive, so I don’t really see this as much of a problem.  That leaves $24 that wasn’t really anticipated.  This isn’t ideal – more books aren’t exactly necessary, despite the fact that they’ve been on my wish list for awhile now.  Rocky Horror was pretty spur of the moment, but given how rarely I get out and how much I’ve been talking about doing more things with friends recently, I’m not totally upset, just focused on planning for social activities a bit better, and maybe making it a line in my budget.


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