Returning to routine

I’ll readily admit that when my friend goes out of town and leaves me her car, I tend to be delighted.  I still don’t want a car – not really, anyway, although there are certainly moments where the usefulness is striking – but having one for a week or two at a time raises all kinds of possibilities for taking care of all of the things that I’ve wanted or needed to do for awhile.

That said, I’ll also admit that the combination of convenience and working on my to-do list completely throws me off my routine because I feel pressure to get things done.  I gave the car back last night, and although I’m well stocked in terms of flour, toilet paper, root vegetables, gatorade, shampoo, cabbage, prescription medication, canned beans, rice, scrub brushes, eggs, used books, and a new computer battery, I’m rather behind on exercise, grading, job applications, and writing.  Most of the time I had free these last two weeks went to errands.  This probably saved me time in the long run – many of these trips are close to an hour each way on the bus, in very different directions – but crammed into the span of two weeks, they really add up.

Today, it just feels like a relief to slip quietly back into my routine.  I know that a lot of things have been taken care of, which is very good.  I know that we’re good for food and a whole bunch of other goodies.  I also know that any trip will now take me a good long time unless it’s in walking distance.  There’s now a lot less incentive to go very far afield, and a lot more focus on staying home and not going out on trips that take half a day at a time.

I’m looking forward to getting solidly back into my routine (yes, I probably could have kept up more of a routine while I had the car, but I didn’t for whatever reason).  It felt good to go for a run this morning, and then to sit down to meditate.  I followed that up with a day spent on the couch with a cup of tea, working on a lecture and some writing.  Tonight I’ll make dinner, write a bit more, and then read for a bit before heading off to bed.  Tomorrow, and probably the day after too, I’ll do much the same.  I’ll be home, reading, writing, cooking, working, and sleeping.  While I’ll go out occasionally, probably for a few walks, I’ll be spending a lot more time here, doing my regular, everyday things, and I’ll be grateful for it.




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