Three weeks in

My overarching goals for the new year were to feel happier, calmer, and healthier.  After the last year, I felt I badly needed a list of some things to do just to help me feel better.  We’re only three weeks into the new year and I still have a long way to go, but things have been going well and it’s good to feel like I’ve kept on top of things.

So far, I’ve maintained almost all of my health goals.  I haven’t fit in the yoga yet, and I need to be a bit better about meditating in the morning, but in terms of diet, exercise, sleep, and reading, I’m pretty well on track.  I bike almost daily, walk quite a bit, pack in the fruits and veggies, sleep fairly well, and spend more time than I usually would relaxing.  I’m feeling quite a lot better than I have been, and have even lost a few pounds at the same time.  I’ve also spent more time on food – I’ve been cooking a bit more and I baked bread twice now, and it’s been wonderful to pay some more attention to something that I care so much about.  I’d like to work in more meditation and yoga, but I do feel better overall.

In financial news, I’ve set up pension changes and have established designated accounts for special purchases and summer expenses.  I’m currently doing some research in terms of where I’d like to donate, and I’m hoping to make it down to the farmers’ market next weekend for our grocery shopping.  Work is also going fairly well.  Courses have started, but I’ve managed to fit in a bit of project-related research and sent in some conference applications.  I’m hoping to be able to step this up as I get into more of a routine this semester, but it feels reassuring to have work on the go, even if the process is slow.

Finally, I’ve been a lot more conscious about maintaining relationships these past few weeks.  I’ve spent more time talking with friends, and am currently writing a long email to a someone I haven’t seen in months.  I’m also setting up a standing brunch date with another friend, and made it out to a gathering last weekend and will be going to another this weekend.  It’s been really lovely to spend more time with people, and I think it’s helped a lot with my overall mindset and not feeling like I’m spending (or should be spending) every moment working.

My plans for the next few weeks are very much the same.  I’m going to keep up the exercise and the downtime, focus more on reading, and hopefully add in some more yoga and meditation.  I’m also going to try to be better about limiting my teaching prep and grading so I can make more time for the work that I need to be doing for research.  I’d like to try out a few new recipes to work into our repertoire, make some more bread, and find some time to declutter more of the apartment.  This might all become more of a challenge as the semester gets somewhat busier, but feeling better is really and truly lovely, and something that I’ll keep working towards.


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