The Farm Next Door

I absolutely love this – great video, great idea.


2 thoughts on “The Farm Next Door

  1. I have been following your blog since finding it through the comments of Northwest Edible’s “No Spend October.” I have been enjoying your thoughtful posts on consumerism and how to best marry your values with your consumption patterns–something my husband and I are continually trying to do. As you know, it’s a constant process of evaluation, revaluation, and creative thinking.

    I just had to comment when you posted this video, because this is the organization I worked with the first year I moved to Austin and I love the strange way we are all connected through the internet. I stepped back from my volunteering there after giving birth to my son last summer, but learned so much from the time I spent there. For now I am focusing on building my own front yard garden (though that is going better sometimes than others…). Urban Patchwork is a lovely organization and (in my humble opinion) a revolutionary concept.

    • Thanks for commenting, Sarah – I’m always surprised at how many serendipitous things seem to happen online, and all kinds of interesting connections and information seem to come my way just when I need them. I’ve been involved in Food Not Lawns for a bit now, but would love to see more of the Urban Patchwork model developed locally. We’ve got some great CSAs, but not a lot that’s urban (that I know of, anyway). Recently, I’ve found myself looking at empty lots in the neighbourhood and considering if there’s anything around here that would work for something similar. For now, it’s looking like I’ll be largely focused on seeing how much I can grow in containers on the apartment patio again this year, but I’m really hopeful all the same, and it feels like every little bit is a step in the right direction.

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