Come as they will

StonesOnce again, it’s been a good long while since I’ve written here.  No excuses, just life taking over, as it does.  Since the start of the semester, my focus has been primarily on work, but also on keeping at least a bit of a balance between work and life.  Last year was the first time I was teaching full time, and with new courses and new versions of old courses, I found it challenging to do much other than work.  This year, though, I was determined to keep on top of the work while still making sure that I was keeping on top of taking care of myself.

These past few months I’ve taught a bunch of classes, spoken at a conference, and applied for a number of jobs. I’ve worked on papers and done some research.  I’ve managed to keep (relatively) on top of exercise, with regular walks to campus and bike rides around the neighbourhood.  I’ve made sure to get in some meditation, yoga, and the odd weekend morning where I did nothing but sleep in and read Agatha Christie mysteries in bed.  I’ve read some good books, made some delicious dinners, and spent time with friends and family.  Some weeks have definitely been more harried than others (last week, I’m looking at you) but, all in all, I’m feeling a good deal better than I did this time last year, which is a significant relief for a whole bunch of reasons.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of time for writing here.  What time I do have I’ve focused more on doing things rather than writing about them, which is probably as it should be.  When I can, I’ve been getting in some gardening, cooking dinners, baking bread, knitting, walking, running, meditating, and the like.  Life goes on, there’s just little in the way of a record of it, and I’ve decided that I’m okay with that.  There’s still a lot I’d like to write about here, and I have a large list of semi-written posts, but for now I’m content to let them come as they will, even if “come as they will” is starting to look a lot like “pretty damn slowly”.