Home making

DeskI’ve always been a homebody.  I prefer home to petty much anywhere else and I’d much rather stay close by than go on far-flung vacations.  Over the past few years, home has become increasingly central to my life.  To varying degrees, this apartment has become my restaurant, bakery, grocery store, homestead, yoga studio, gym, library, office, writer’s retreat, movie theater, music studio, workshop, classroom, craft studio, health spa, and probably a number of other things that I can’t think of right now.  In brief, it gets a lot of use, although not always a lot of care.

For a long time I didn’t do much to the apartment other than fill it with thrift store treasures and many, many books.  I wasn’t sure how long I’d be here.  What I thought might be a small amount of time has now turned into eight years, so I didn’t give a great deal of thought to many of the details.  Now, with the degree done and me still here, I feel like it’s well past time to make a few changes.  Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved arranging things to make spaces feel more comfortable and more like home, and I’d like to get back to that again.  Although we could still move at any time, we could also be here for many years to come, and to put off making this space even more functional, useful, and comfortable has started to seem somewhat shortsighted.

I don’t expect the apartment to ever be a showpiece, nor do I want it to be. We live here and use the space, so it’s always likely to look somewhat lived in.  I would like it be a bit nicer to actually live in, though.  Part of this comes down to decluttering, since there’s a lot in here and everything should be easier to manage and clean up after with more things gone.  The other part is focusing on some of the details that I haven’t paid a lot of attention to.  There’s nothing that big or that expensive on the list, but things like moving some of the furniture, rearranging some textiles, and hanging some art (finally!) would go a long way to making this place all the nicer for us to live in on a daily basis.

I think there’s a value in home that is often under recognized.  Home can be just a place for sleep and storage, ir it can be a showpiece.  For me, it goes much deeper than either of these things and become a place of rest, relaxation, and respite from a world that often feels like it’s moving far too fast in the wrong direction.  When my home is clean, comfortable, and well cared for, it becomes a place that I really want to be in, work in, and rest in.  At the same time, I think all of these things are useful in living a more sustainable life – a life based around home can save money, time, energy, resources, and stress.  As simple or perhaps even as indulgent as it might seem on the surface, making my home a bit nicer has value in terms of encouraging me to stay in and find what I need as close to where I are as possible.


2 thoughts on “Home making

  1. Just discovered your blog and am so inspired! I too love being home and am eager to begin some indoor projects, for it is a wonderful time of the year to be productive inside the home, April from Maine.

    • Thanks, April – I really love when autumn finally rolls around. As soon as it starts to get grey and cold outside, that’s when I really start to get things done inside. I hope you get lots of projects done!

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