Off the wagon…

…and back on again.

I planned out my no-spend November – well, as much as there is to plan beyond, “don’t shop, dummy!” – completely forgetting that this past weekend was the annual community bazaar of which I’m particularly fond.  I go every year for a combination of reasons – it’s close enough to walk, I can sometimes get a Christmas gift for my mom (she has a particular set of dishes she collects), the goods are usually pretty good, the prices are great, and I like shopping at places that help to support local organizations.

When I woke up that morning, I debated for awhile.  I really didn’t want to mess up my no-spend month, but I didn’t particularly want to pass on the bazaar either.  It shouldn’t have been hard to give up, but it feels like a bit of a tradition now, I really enjoy it, and it was something I had been looking forward to (even if the fact that it coincided with my shopping ban didn’t actually cross my short-sighted little mind).  In the end, I decided to go.  However, I also decided to extend the spending ban until December 4th to compensate – off the wagon and back on again, I guess.

I exercised some restraint and didn’t come home with the two lamps, rug, picture frames, carafe, and cookie jar that I was considering, but I still came home twenty-one dollars lighter than when I left.  Two dollars went to admission, the rest was spent on a few things that I’m very pleased with – someone had donated a few mid-century modern pieces that had been on my wishlist for awhile now.

BazaarWhen it comes to secondhand shopping, I always start with the housewares.  From a distance, I saw the enameled Cathrineholm casserole dish, so I picked up the pace a little and grabbed it.  I also found an enameled canning funnel in the basket next to it.  One table over, I found a pottery canister with exactly the kind of glaze that I love and, further down, I found three candle holders – an amber glass Dansk one that can double as a vase and two hand turned from what I was told was birdseye maple.  Moving on, I also found a wonderful Peugeot teak pepper mill.  Everything was a dollar.  In the book room, I walked away with a cookbook, a novel, and Annie Dillard’s wonderful The Writing Life for two dollars for the lot.  Finally, I bought two refillable Parker pens and a matching refillable pencil for ten dollars, my splurge of the day.

Did I need any of these things?  No, not really.  I already own baking dishes, candle holders, pens, funnels, books, and a pepper mill  Any justification I make is not going to be all that strong – the best I’ve got is that I liked them, they were far less expensive than they would have been even at a local thrift store, and they’re a marked improvement on things that I already own.  But maybe that’s enough.  I’ve been looking our for that particular glass candle holder, an enameled baking dish, a metal canning funnel, and a better pepper grinder for months.  I’ve also wanted to replace my throwaway pens with refillable ones for awhile now.  And, while I can’t say I truly needed anything that I bought, I’ll use it all and, perhaps more importantly, I’ll enjoy using it, and I’ll do so for a good long time.


5 thoughts on “Off the wagon…

    • Thanks for the offer, Kyle, but I don’t think I’ll be selling this one – I’ve been looking for one like this for awhile now. If I come across any more, I’ll let you know, though.

      • Hey Jenn, I could offer $75 and trade you a dansk mill as well. Just seeing if that would spark your interest! Thanks again Kyle

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