Reference Books

Books (and a few other media) that have helped me as I try to make my life a bit more sustainable (links to come when I can manage it).

Sustainable living:

  • Depletion and Abundance
  • Urban Homestead
  • Living More with Less
  • Foxfire (the series)
  • The Almanac of Rural Living
  • Heat
  • The Long Emergency
  • Living the Good Life
  • Harrowsmith Reader (I, II, and III)


  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
  • The Four Season Harvest
  • Living Seasonally
  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Harrowsmith Northern Gardener
  • The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible
  • Farm City

Food preservation:

  • Root Cellaring
  • Wild Fermentation
  • The Art of Fermentation
  • Bernadin Complete Book of Home Preserving

Livestock and other living things:

  • Keeping Bees
  • Small-Scale Goat Keeping
  • Raising Sheep the Modern Way
  • Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way
  • Worms Eat My Garbage


  • The River Cottage Cookbook
  • River Cottage Everyday
  • River Cottage Veg Everyday
  • The River Cottage Fish Book
  • The River Cottage Year
  • The River Cottage Family Cookbook
  • Laurel’s Kitchen
  • Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book
  • Tassajara Bread Book
  • Tassajara Recipe Book
  • Tassajara Cooking
  • More with Less
  • Extending the Table
  • Nourishing Traditions
  • Moosewood Collective (any of the series)
  • The Enchanted Broccoli Forest
  • Jamie at Home

Social Issues:

  • Silent Spring
  • Walden
  • Diet for a Small Planet
  • World Hunger: Twelve Myths
  • Hope’s Edge
  • Stuffed and Starved


  • Rock Garden Tour
  • KunstlerCast
  • Greenhorn Radio
  • Mother Jones Podcast

TV and Films:

  • A Farm for the Future
  • How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  • River Cottage (the whole series)
  • Victorian Farm
  • Edwardian Farm
  • Wartime Farm
  • The Edible Garden
  • Jamie at Home


  • Cold Mountain
  • The Good Earth
  • World Made by Hand

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  1. Hello! I work at Thomas Allen & Son. I would like to invite you to review some of our homesteading, gardening, and cooking books. Please be in touch and I can give you more information.

    All best,

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